Studio Pilates

“Movement and art inspire each other. The creative process of inhabiting ones art ones movement and ones life is the same.”
– Barbara Mandell

Jane Gillespie during a Pilates class at Utopia House Dunedin

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Pilates Classes for People Who Hate Gyms

Studio Pilates session helping improve strength and movementIf you’ve always wanted to try Pilates but can’t bear the idea of big classes and all those mirrors, Studio Pilates at Utopia House is the answer for you.

Class sizes are small – a maximum of four – and instead of mirrors, you’ll enjoy stunning views out over Dunedin and the harbour.

Studio Pilates offers a supportive way to enhance your movement experience, increasing strength, whilst toning and balancing your body.

You will learn to integrate your breathing, core and movement in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Try Studio Pilates if you want to gently but effectively recover from injuries, or develop strength, flexibility and mobility.

Utopia House Studio Pilates roomAll classes are fully supervised and use high quality equipment.

Please note that to take part in Studio Pilates you need to have first completed the Utopiuan Yoga Fundamentals course. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of your programme.

To learn more about our Studio Pilates courses, please contact us.

All Pilates classes are fully supervised