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A young woman holding a standing yoga pose with her legs wide, one arm up and one down. She is looking up. Image is symbolic of the new direction of Utopia House.

Utopia House Evolves: New Website, Online Class Options

As Utopia House rolls out their new website and more online class options, we sat down to reminisce on how Jane and her practice came to be as it is now. 

Initially, Jane became interested in yoga in her early 20’s after a health scare made her realise that she hadn’t really lived yet. She felt “the culture I grew up in wasn’t teaching me the things I needed to know. So I decided to explore other cultures and stumbled into yoga.” 

Jane left New Zealand in search of mentors to learn more about yoga. Travelling through the Bahamas, Florida, and New York, Jane studied a variety of practices and eventually ended up in New Zealand. At the time, yoga was not very popular in New Zealand and Jane went back to being a school teacher for the time being, although eventually, the pull became too strong and she left teaching to follow her passion for yoga. 

Through years of studying a variety of yoga practices from Iyengar to forms of secular Buddhism, Jane has cultivated an evolving practice that focuses on balance and connection rather than just holding poses.  

“I really loved the eclectic approach. I trained in different modalities and that gave me the ability to pick the jewels out and discover what worked and train it through my own experience and body. I refined it to be accessible for everyone and give anyone the full benefits. Its very middle ground practice that works for everybody.”

Utopia House yoga’s most recent evolution comes in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and from the ways, our lives have changed as a result. Expanding her online class options has been an option for a while, but Jane never had a push to do so until New Zealand entered a level 4 lockdown due to the virus.

“When COVID-19 arrived, my clients really wanted online class options, and it worked really well. The practice works really well on that medium. My clients and I found it as good as being in the class in person. It has grown from there, and after lockdown clients were wanting to stay online and now here I am growing that side of the business.” 

With the push towards online programs globally, this launch propels Utopia House to reach clients with ease near and far. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Currently many of our regular timetabled classes are also available via Zoom. Soon we’ll also be rolling out membership options. Let us know what you’d like to see offered from Utopia House. Send Jane a message here.

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