Utopian yoga fundamentals and studio Pilates by arrangement.

Utopian yoga zoom/online classes:

Utopian yoga balance: is a Utopian blend that is less Pilates oriented and more yoga/Qi gong based.

Utopian yoga essentials: is the mainstream class that is a blend of yoga, Pilates, Qi gong and Feldenkrais. As with all Utopian yoga practice it builds on the Utopian fundamentals training.

Utopian yoga fundamentals: is about the fundamental principles of Utopian yoga. These principles are; breathing, core, postural alignment, articulation, bandha,  and the integration of these. It also includes focused and spacious relaxation. Utopian yoga is the practice of the deepening integration of these principles.

Cost is $12 per session. Please email Jane at jane@utopiahouse.nz or text your email address to 0275262674 if you are interested and I will send you the link for your chosen classes.

The bank account details for payment are: 060901 0367256 00. Reference it with your name and then z.