Your yoga teacher: Jane Gillespie

Jane Gillespie Owner and Operator of Utopia House Yoga Studio DunedinUtopian Yoga™ at Utopia House is owned and run by yoga teacher Jane Gillespie.

Jane has spent a lifetime immersed in yoga training overseas and running her own yoga school for the past two decades. She completed her first yoga teacher training course in the Bahamas in 1980 and has completed numerous trainings subsequent to that.

In addition to Yoga and Pilates Jane holds qualifications in physical education teaching, counselling, holistic pulsing massage and reiki.

In short her life has been intensively involved in mind/body disciplines.

Janes approach is relaxed and empathetic, while being attentive to each persons needs.

About Us

“The Yoga of Somatic embodied mindfulness learning involves simultaneous travel on the inner and outer planes. The potential transformational magic that delights us cannot be achieved by tensing and stretching the muscles. The doorway is through consciousness, breath and elongation. The body is literally a portal to new universes – universes that have always been available to us but that we have forgotten or not yet learned to access. Consciousness becomes our ruby slippers. Awareness allows movement, which opens space for more travel of spirit and form.
I am filled with gratitude for having learned and practiced this journey”.
– Risa Kaparo

The Venue – Utopia House

Utopia House is an iconic homestead in central Dunedin that was built by the manager of the Bell Tea Company. The yoga studios sprung floors were built into the house for the managers daughter who was a dancer. Stunning views and easy parking make Utopia House ideal for attending Utopian Yoga sessions.