Utopian Yoga™

Here’s what one client says about her Utopian Yoga™ experience:

“I have been a student of Jane’s for nearly seven years. In that time I have attended regular Utopian Yoga™ and Feldenkrais® classes.Through Jane’s holistic approach I have developed a depth of awareness of both body and mind I didn’t know was possible. Her blend of Pilates, yoga, Feldenkrais® and Qi Gong make for a very pleasant and peaceful set of movements to perform and result in great body strength, an integration of mind and movement and a general sense of well being.

Jane not only provides expertise from many years of experience and training, she creates a welcoming, supportive and safe environment in which she promotes personal and physical growth and healing.

I hope to be attending Jane’s classes well into my 90s!”


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Why is Utopian Yoga™ different?

“If you are pushing too hard your mental body becomes like a sword instead of a cloud”.
– R. Yee

Peoples understanding of the full power of yoga is often incomplete. In our fast-paced western lifestyles yoga is commonly seen as a physical activity. But it can be so much more. And everyone has their own reason for doing yoga. You may want to become stronger and more flexible while your neighbour may want to focus on relaxation.

Utopian Yoga™ is a blend of disciplines and nothing like mainstream yoga.
Group yoga session at Utopia House, Dunedin

It begins with Utopian Yoga Fundamentals

Utopian Yoga Fundamentals is a gentle introduction to changing your life through the Utopian Yoga™ program.

“If your mind is empty its always ready for anything. In the beginners mind there are many possibilities; in the experts mind there are few.
– Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

The 5 session Utopian Yoga Fundamentals course covers essential principles of movement including:

  • Breathing technique
  • Postural alignment and stability
  • Spinal health
  • Integrated movement dynamics
  • Relaxation (and meditation)

It is an ideal introduction for both beginners and long-standing yoga practitioners.

The specific techniques of Utopian Yoga™ will help to protect, stabilise and strengthen your joints throughout your lifetime.

You will learn to reduce pain and discomfort, to breath more effectively and to manage stress. Your posture will improve and your movement will become increasingly connected and integrated. This can enhance your life significantly.

“We use most of our energy holding up the illusion of control – its fictitious – its tiring.”
– R. Yee

Utopian Yoga™ is based on traditional yoga asanas. It includes sequences of movement that quickly enhance strength, stability and balance while encouraging an inner relaxedness. This practice helps you to quickly develop your yoga.

You may choose Utopian Yoga™ classes that include Pilates based movements as well or classes that don’t. To take part in these classes you need to have completed Utopian Yoga™ Fundamentals or similar training.

If you would like more information or to join one of our Utopian Yoga™ classes, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.